maid health screening

Different types of maid medical checkups

In addition to meeting legal regulations, bringing your housekeeper for monthly medical check-ups ensures that she would be fit and active for the job. Generally, your maids must undergo two kinds of maid medical check up.

Pre-employment maid medical examination

In the same way that we are entitled to pre-employment health screenings, our potential assistants will be needed to be evaluated by a licensed physician within two weeks of the maid’s arrival at the destination. Your assistance would be awarded a working permit only when she has passed all of the required medical examinations. If she does not pass any one of the exams or misses the evaluation, she would not be granted a work visa and would be returned home.

 Six-monthly medical examination

Even though MOM would send you a notice and 6ME application before your maids 6ME is scheduled, it is often advisable to add a note to your diaries. You can also connect onto MOM’s FDW electronic service platform to verify the prior 6ME date, determine the next time frame, and download the 6ME document.

The sorts of clinical examinations necessary, as well as the deadline, will be specified in the 6ME document. If anyone has any further worries about your maid’s wellness, you could select to have her undertake additional examinations, but you would need to pay the additional cost that occurred due to this. It is critical that your housekeeper completes the 6ME well before the deadline since failing to do so might lead to the termination of her work visa.